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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ethical Marketing Strategies Sharing ~ Marketing our Selves and Collective Selves

Marketing isn't fun ?

Let's make a game and play !

Here's how we can organize the individual and collective marketing aspects in an anarchist and P2P way.
We write Stories, we do Tasks, and make Reviews after, that help us shape the Next Story.
I'd like us to use this kind of format as to share our experiences.

This is a system similar to how netention works, so we'll just have to import it once it's ready so that others can benefit from our experiences, and we'll be able to better track this material.

Example with two of my recent tasks and stories :

(any feedback or suggestion is more than welcome, and anyone is more than welcome in the game. I'm starting to imagine a protocol similar to what we started to visualize with the naked mind protocol stuff, but oriented toward ethical marketing strategies sharing)

Mail title : [Story : decathlon] [task : 1st contact] [Review]
couldnt meet the director
and i've been told where i should call etc
i'll propose them a few things
testing survival material
making blog posts to promote the stuff i test and like
they make awesome stuff
really cheap
and i'll propose them other stuff, like some tools they could make for their customers with netention
Also, a neo-nomad line of clothes could be co-designed as we have enough material and research on this side to suggest relevant designs.

[Story : Local Network Epinal] [task : activating existing local network] [review ]
Showed netention to some friends, and started suggesting strategies.
the tools will facilitate this
i'm just preparing the ground
i'll try to see the mayor and so on
Other networks i'm gonna explore little by little :
Social support structures (social centers, etc)
Permaculture, artists, hackers...
High schools.
Basically meeting persons and asking for who i could speak to and share specific products and services relevant to their needs and our cans.

So, what's the next story ?

Each story can be split into inter-dependant tasks which can be reviewed.

Each task represents a story that can be further decomposed in tasks.
Next step is about figuring out the best way to integrate this into netention, so it's just about tags.

What are the semantic tags that could be the most relevant to efficiently share stories, tasks and reviews as to work for an individual or collective end ?

Inspired by John Kellden's Tea House Sequence 

Social Business Design: Revolution

"The only revolution that needs to happen is a generative dialogue between talent and society."
-- +John Kellden 
"Serendipity provides all the necessary signposts and sufficient opportunities for society to bridge the chasm and adopt new behaviors."
-- +John Kellden

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